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July 2015

What Makes FLR Work?

Good read, explains a lot for me.

Steeled Snake

FLR (Female-Led Relationship, or FLM Female-Led Marriage)is essentially a power exchange arrangement. I have thought a lot (probably too much) about why this is cool, why it pushes buttons for people, what they get out of it, etc.

Aside from the power trip of being in charge, why is this associated with sexual control too? I realize that most FLR sites are going to tell you that FLR isn’t about sexual stuff. It’s about being in charge, being in control, etc. But the fact is, many guys crave it. Many relationships thrive with it. Have you thought about why?

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First Spanking Experience – /s/ Point of View

Dear My Dommy,

Please read…. Hits close to my thoughts and feelings after the spanking you gave me last night.

Steeled Snake

Charmer wrote earlier this week (link to the post) about my being a mouthy (in jest) sub and spanking.

We’ve not gotten much into impact play at all to-date (save for a few passing instances).  So this was a first.  For those of you who already have experienced this, you may be laughing by the end of this post, but I wanted to provide a look at my side of the scene, and the things that both were, and have been, going through my head.

IMG_5963About 3 weeks ago, I’d forgotten a house rule of CFNM.  Essentially, I left off the NM part.  Charmer came over, leaned down in what seemed like out of the blue and looked me square in the eye.  “5 swats.”  I didn’t even connect at first what she was talking about.  “5 swats for not getting undressed like you’re supposed to.

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My View

As my husband had mentioned in a previous post, I came to him around six weeks ago, having made the decision for the two of us to enter a FLR. I must admit, I expected much more resistance on his part however, by the end of the evening, he had decided to “give it a try” and I believe only a day or so into it, he was asking me to take more control. We are still growing, evolving, making this relationship our own. My ultimate goal is to reach a level 3 FLR.

We’ve started with some basics:

I very rarely bathe my self anymore. He is required to wash and condition my hair and wash my body before he is to see to himself. After our shower, he pampers my feet, massaging lotion into them. Occasionally, I’ll have him paint my toenails beforehand. In addition, he is required to open all doors for me if we are together – especially in public.

Some goals for the future are to have him wear a penis plug – one with a loop for attaching a leash. He is currently stretching his urethra every night to facilitate this for me. Also, he has a tendency to…wander quite alot when we’re out in public – shopping and the like. It’s quite innocent, however I intend to instate a rule that will require him to stay within a certain distance. More rules to come.

I love this…

I love pleasing her…in anyway…

She thinks I do not love to bathe her, I do.

She thinks I do not love rubbing lotion on her feet, I do,

Love it when she does not ask for things… She just tells me.  

I love her attention, love it when she grabs me…. Plays with my body…. Looks it over and smiles knowing she owns it… Mind, body, and soul.

I am her’s….. Here to please and serve her as she wishes.

I’m happier with us than I have ever been.  As odd as it may sound, I feel more like a man than I ever have.  The only thing I would change…..I wish she would use me more…..

The back story

Me, the husband, I am a 43 years old, 6″1″, slim, bald head that I keep completely shaved, and I have a goatee.

My wife is 31 years old, 5’2″, smoking hot body with curves in all the right places, olive-brown skin, dark brown eyes, and long black curly hair.

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Here we go…


I’m a sub husband in a FLR Relationship. My wife and I are new to this concept.  We thought we would capture the story of our journey via this blog.

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