As my husband had mentioned in a previous post, I came to him around six weeks ago, having made the decision for the two of us to enter a FLR. I must admit, I expected much more resistance on his part however, by the end of the evening, he had decided to “give it a try” and I believe only a day or so into it, he was asking me to take more control. We are still growing, evolving, making this relationship our own. My ultimate goal is to reach a level 3 FLR.

We’ve started with some basics:

I very rarely bathe my self anymore. He is required to wash and condition my hair and wash my body before he is to see to himself. After our shower, he pampers my feet, massaging lotion into them. Occasionally, I’ll have him paint my toenails beforehand. In addition, he is required to open all doors for me if we are together – especially in public.

Some goals for the future are to have him wear a penis plug – one with a loop for attaching a leash. He is currently stretching his urethra every night to facilitate this for me. Also, he has a tendency to…wander quite alot when we’re out in public – shopping and the like. It’s quite innocent, however I intend to instate a rule that will require him to stay within a certain distance. More rules to come.