Several days ago, after a bit of discussion, we ordered my husband’s first chastity device. We shopped for it online together, finally settling on a stainless steel cage with a urethra tube. It arrived Wednesday in the mail. After sanitizing the entire thing, we tried it on him. The actual penis cage fits perfectly. The basal ring however, is a bit tight so we have since ordered a larger size to accommodate his rather “perky” balls. He is still currently unable to use the tube, however, he is in the process of stretching his urethra to allow the tube to be inserted.

He has worn the cage now on several occasions, including all day on Thursday and Friday while we were out shopping and running errands. He complained very little of any discomfort, but what little he did have seemed to be alieviated with some powder. Much to his relief, it was not noticable under his pants.

I must say that I was thrilled to have him wear it in my presence, in public. It was very much a power trip for me. I found myself staring quite often at his crotch, probably with a ridiculous grin on my face. Tomorrow will be his first day to wear it to work. I’m sure he is a bit nervous about that, but I am absolutely exhilarated! I’m planning to keep him locked for an entire week, beginning the day his larger basal ring arrives, which I’m hoping will be tomorrow. I also intent to set up an orgasm schedule for him, which will be based on his behavior. I’m thinking….an orgasm per week if his behavior is good, but adding two days each time he displeases me to begin with. Although, I won’t promise him these times won’t be extended in the future…. 😉