Here is another text I sent her shortly after #1:

  • I truly want and desire for you to dominate me. I’m yearning for you to stop holding back, take this wherever you desire. Don’t want you to worry about if I will like or want it, if it is your desire, then do it… Tell me to do it… Make me do it…. I have no boundaries, you have full freedom to take me wherever you want. My promise to you is that if we reach a point or action that I’m not 100% comfortable with and willing, I will let you know.  I can honestly say that, with our current situation, I have never felt more secure in any relationship than I do right now with you. Your ownership of me fulfills a void that I have always desired and needed. I have truly never felt more loved than what I am currently feeling from you.  So…. I emphatically love you… I’m unequivocally yours… You own me body, spirit, soul… Therefore, please take full ownership of me.