Our FLR – Female Led Relationship


March 2016

My New CAGE…

As I posted in a earlier post,, we had been shopping for a new device for me.  Found the BON4M, showed it to my Wife, she instantly free in love with it, she loved how substantial and industrial it looked, I was told to immediately order it, I gladly did so.  The device it cast stainless steel, not chrome plated solid steel rod bent and welded together.  The reviews were great.  It is a mid priced device.  Received it this past Monday, have had it on ever since.  We could not be more happy.  She adores the look.  I’m extremely happy with how comfortable it is.  To my surprise, it is not a heavy as it looks.  Can see this one being long term.

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I might be in for it….

After last night’s Maintenance, see post , I might have made a grievous mistake this evening. One of my wife’s rules it that when we sit down to eat, she must take the 1st bite. Tonight, I fixed dinner, brought her plate to her as she was working on the computer. Told her that I would be right back with my plate. When I returned, I made the assumption that she had already taken a bite of her food and I then took a bite of mine. I was wrong. She noticed immediately and called me out. Without a blink of an eye, I was informed that I had just earned punishment swats tonight. After what I endured last night, I know she is planning on taking me to a place that I have never been….

It’s Maintenance Day

Wednesday’s are my scheduled Maintenance Day.  She has told me that she will be finding the line between maintenance and punishment.  Unsure what that will entail.  To be clear, I do not enjoy the swats.  However, I do enjoy seeing her power drunk.

[UPDATE] – I just received 20 effective swats.  If that was maintenance, I’m sure I don’t want punishment.  I feel the line has been established, pretty sure she doesn’t agree.

Pegging Him and Our New Toy

Last night, we again used our new “strapless” strap-on. This is one of the most exciting toys we have acquired thus far. Unlike a normal strap-on, it has a bulb which is inserted into her and a fabulous textured “bump” for stimulating the clit. It also includes a bullet vibe that can be inserted into the base of the toy.

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Still Active Indeed

It has been too long since we have posted anything to our blog. Our lives have been hectic as I’m sure everyone can understand and relate to. Hubby and I have committed to each other to start posting more consistently, so, here it is. A bit of a recap on how things have been progressing for us and maybe some background you were unaware of.

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My current chastity cage….

Update on my cage….  Back in August ’15, I posted a photo of my 1st chastity cage.  The base ring was way too small, very uncomfortable.  We ordered a larger base ring and things got better.  However, the hinged base ring design continued to present problems.  The hinge would rub a raw spot on the bottom of my scrotum every couple of days, I would then have to go without wearing the cage for a couple of days to heal.  But the issue would just repeat again in a couple days after wearing it again.  We began a search for a cage with a solid / closed ring without having to order a custom made one.  We finally settled on the one pictured below.  Can say the the curved base ring is extremely comfortable.  Since September, I have been wearing it continuously.

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The Contract….


It has been several months since we last posted, but for good reason. Things are going better than I ever expected. Backing off and not pressuring Her is best thing i have done thus far to grow our FLR. More on that in a forth coming post.

Wanted to share the FLR Contract that I wrote and presented to Her. I scoured the web for a contract, but found nothing that really fit us, so I wrote one myself, pulling pertinent pieces from the several I found. Here is email version that I sent her:
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