Update on my cage….  Back in August ’15, I posted a photo of my 1st chastity cage.  The base ring was way too small, very uncomfortable.  We ordered a larger base ring and things got better.  However, the hinged base ring design continued to present problems.  The hinge would rub a raw spot on the bottom of my scrotum every couple of days, I would then have to go without wearing the cage for a couple of days to heal.  But the issue would just repeat again in a couple days after wearing it again.  We began a search for a cage with a solid / closed ring without having to order a custom made one.  We finally settled on the one pictured below.  Can say the the curved base ring is extremely comfortable.  Since September, I have been wearing it continuously.

The only draw back to this cage is that the diameter of cage itself is a little too small for me.  Even when I am 110% flaccid it is impossible to insert my cock into it without the help of some lotion.  The length is also a tad to small.  But I have and can deal with it.  For $30, I could not get anything better.  She allows me to remove the cage when I shower to for proper cleaning of myself and the cage.  Other than that, I have been wearing it 24/7 since the day it arrived in the mail. She keeps the key with her at all times.  I do carry an emergency key in my wallet, it is wrapped tightly in paper with an outer layer of tape.  She signed it and drew a design on it.  Have not had to use it.

Recently, we started looking for something different, She loves seeing my cock locked away in a cage.  We agree that spending 400 to 500 on a custom fitted one is not a practical option at this time.  We looked and looked, but She kept coming back to one in particular.  It is a casted solid stainless steel device.  She loves how substantial and industrial it looks over the bent chrome rod cages.  I have to agree.  We have ordered one and it will be here next week.  From my research and from reviews that I found, once we receive it, I will have to do some work on it to remove any sharp spots due to it being cast steel.

It comes with 4 different sized hinged base rings, worried about the hinge being a issue.  If it is, we can order a solid ring separately. Can’t wait for it to get here and see Her face light up when she sees it on me.  Will post some pics of it on…….