It has been several months since we last posted, but for good reason. Things are going better than I ever expected. Backing off and not pressuring Her is best thing i have done thus far to grow our FLR. More on that in a forth coming post.

Wanted to share the FLR Contract that I wrote and presented to Her. I scoured the web for a contract, but found nothing that really fit us, so I wrote one myself, pulling pertinent pieces from the several I found. Here is email version that I sent her:

I present this email to tell you that I am yours. Nothing else I can tell you would explain my love and devotion to you more clearly. I am, and ever will be, your servant, mind body and soul. I have made it my life mission to serve you, obey you, and worship you to the best of my abilities. Sometimes I have succeeded and sometimes I have failed, but I have always sought to serve you as best I can. I now affirming to you via the contract below, before the eyes of god and men, that this endeavour will be the focus of my life, that your happiness will be the gauge for my success or failure and that your will and desires will be my own. I ask you to be my friend, my lover, my Owner, just as you have since the day I met you. And in return, I offer you a willing servant, a friend, a partner, and a companion whose love and devotion to you knows no bounds. I love you, my life and service are yours.

Your devolved servant,

Be it known that this agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into on the __ day of ___, 2016 between [name] (herein referred to as “[Owner]”), and [name] (herein referred to as “[servant]”).

Both [Owner] and [servant] hereby state that they are consensually entering into a non-traditional marital relationship. Both [Owner] and [servant] hereby emphasize that even though this Agreement may appear to those outside of the relationship to provide great benefit to [Owner] and little benefit to [servant], both have fully consented, of their own free will, to the terms and obligations described in this Agreement. Both [Owner] and [servant] hereby state that they both strongly desire to continue this non-traditional marital relationship. [Owner] and [servant] fully understand the nature of this Agreement, into which they both have voluntarily and of their own free will entered, without any form of undue duress, force, compulsion, intimidation, pressure, persuasion or coercion from the other party. [Owner] and [servant] feel that this contract is entirely fair and equitable to both parties. [servant] has specifically waived any and all of his rights against [Owner] to invalidate this Agreement due to claims of spouse abuse, enslavement (or for any such related reason) and shall never attempt to bring legal action of any kind against Her regarding such claims.

[Owner] and [servant] hereby agree to the following:

Obligation to Obey: 

[servant] shall unconditionally and cheerfully obey every one of [Owner]’s commands and wishes and shall, at all times, conduct himself within the rules set forth by [Owner]. List of rules basic are attached to this agreement within “Exhibit A”. [servant] has surrendered all of his personal freedoms to [Owner]. The only personal freedoms permitted for [servant] are those which [Owner] may graciously choose to allow him, at Her discretion.

Scope of Control: 

[servant] has surrendered to [Owner] complete and unconditional control over all aspects of his life including, but not limited to: Financial matters; Personal matters; Professional matters; Social matters; And Legal matters (to the furthest extent permitted by law). 

Punishment Actions: 

[Owner] has been given all rights to punish [servant] in any way in which She desires, for any reason that She feels is appropriate, at any time, and at Her discretion. [Owner] shall not be required to demonstrate to [servant] that any punishment action is justified. [servant] shall to do his best to avoid punishment by always striving to please and obey [Owner] and to always strive to conduct himself within the rules set forth by Her. [servant] shall cheerfully submit to any punishment prescribed by [Owner] without hesitation.

Disputes or Disagreements: 

Any disputes or disagreements that [servant] may have with [Owner] shall, by default, automatically resolve to the favor of [Owner]’s position. [Owner] may, at Her discretion, graciously allow [servant]’s position to be heard, but [Owner]’s final decisions shall indeed be final and [servant] will cheerfully and unconditionally abide by them. 

Sexual Relationship: 

The only sexual pleasures [servant] is permitted to enjoy shall be those which [Owner] chooses to provide him or chooses to allow him to experience at Her direction. [servant] shall keep [Owner]’s sexual needs and desires as his highest priority and he will constantly strive to please Her in every way. [servant] shall not purposely provide himself physical sexual stimulation in any form without [Owner]’s explicit permission to do so.

Monogamy and Chastity: 

[Owner] and [servant] shall remain completely and faithfully monogamous to one another in every sense of the word. [Owner] may, at Her discretion, require [servant] to wear a locked chastity device to ensure his monogamy and to help him to develop further into a better and more pleasing sexual partner for [Owner]’s benefit. The [Owner] affirms the [servants] submissive nature to his Wife and to satisfy their mutual desire for him to be kept chaste while learning to get his pleasure only from Her pleasure. The [servant] agrees to the following: To keep the chastity device clean and in proper working order and immediately report any problem with the device. To immediately report any unauthorized ejaculation. To provide pleasure to his Wife on a regular basis without expecting any reciprocation. To never expect he will be unlocked only because his [Owner] wishes to be intimate. To never expect an orgasm only because his [Owner] wishes to unlock his chastity device. To never complain if he is relocked in his chastity device without any relief. To acknowledge that there are no guaranteed orgasms. To accept that his genitals are no longer his property or his concern, and that his [Owner] may do with him sexually as she sees fit, whenever she sees fit.[Owner] agrees to the following: To never feel obligated to grant Her [servant] an orgasm even if She wishes to remove the device for activities and then lock him back up when those activities are done. To tease Her [servant] often to maximize his excitement level between possible releases. To always keep [servant] guessing if he will be allowed to orgasm, even if it means telling him he is going to have an orgasm and stimulating him to almost-orgasm or ruined-orgasm and then locking him back up. To allow the device to be removed for certain medical visits, which She may accompany. To allow the [servant] to remove the chastity devise once a day for showering, time out of device to not exceed 30 minutes, and this time will be granted when [servant] is within the same dwelling as [Owner].

Control of Body: 

[Owner] has absolute control over [servant]’ body in every way. This includes, but is not limited to, [Owner]’s rights to, at Her discretion: Control what enters his body (as in eating and drinking); Mark his body (as in tattoos, bruises, welts, cuts and abrasions); Modify his body (as in piercings, punctures, brands, cuttings and scarification); Cause sensations to his body (as in the infliction of pleasure and pain); And maintain his body (as in weight and health issues). [servant] shall unhesitatingly make his body completely accessible to [Owner], without restriction, at Her request, for any purpose She desires. However, [servant] will not be humiliated or belittled personally in presence of others in any form or fashion. 

Termination of Agreement: 

This Agreement shall remain in effect until it is revoked, rescinded, canceled or terminated by [Owner] or until [servant] dies. [servant] has no rights whatsoever to revoke, rescind, cancel or terminate this Agreement under any circumstances. 

Changes or Modifications:

[Owner] has the full authority to amend this Agreement at any time, not only in the addition to Regular and Special Duties, but also in any other aspect along as any changes or modifications are conveyed to [servant] prior to enforcement. [servant] has no rights whatsoever to change or modify this Agreement under any circumstances. Every Sunday, at a time of [Owner] convenience, a “Review” will be held. This will cover the following items: [servant]’s performance for the week, [servant]’s confessions of infractions of the Rules set forth within this contract and/or as communicated by [Owner]. Also during this “Review” the [servant]’s comments, concerns and thoughts on the relationship and this agreement will offered for her consideration. [servant]’s must not state these as requests, merely express his desires and feelings. [Owner], being the fair and loving person she is, will take these under consideration. Her decisions about his comments will be final. Inasmuch as these are not requests, she is under no obligation to respond to them at the time of the “Review”. In order to preserve the final authority of [Owner], this “Review” is not a negotiation, [Owner] has final authority to accept all, some or none of the contractual changes and/or modifications proposed by [servant].

Understanding of Agreement: 

Each party fully understands the terms of this Agreement and the terms represent and constitute the entire understanding between them. Each party has read this Agreement and finds it to be in accordance with Her and his understanding and each voluntarily affixes Her or his signature below.

IN WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement.

Signed this ______ day of ____________________, 2016.
_______________________________________________ [FULL NAME OF OWNER/WIFE]