It has been too long since we have posted anything to our blog. Our lives have been hectic as I’m sure everyone can understand and relate to. Hubby and I have committed to each other to start posting more consistently, so, here it is. A bit of a recap on how things have been progressing for us and maybe some background you were unaware of.

Our FLR began around eight months ago, although things have really only started blossoming over the past couple months. In all honesty, when we began our FLR journey, we were not in a very good place in our marriage. We had been attending couples therapy for several months before we came to the realization that something major had to change in our relationship. One thing you must know before we delve too deep is that when we started dating, we had agreed that he would be the dominate partner. I had always been the submissive in all my previous relationships and it felt comfortable for me to assume that role again. As the months past however, it became obvious – at least to me, that my husband lacked the drive and nature to be dominate. For months, we were leaderless, so to speak. And, with no one to lead, our relationship began to fall apart and we became distant. We still loved each other very much, and so the decision was made by the two of us to begin therapy. We had weekly sessions together for months and occasionally, he scheduled private sessions. It was not until I had a session to myself that I realized while talking to the doctor that perhaps, I should assume the role of dominate in our relationship. This, as you can imagine, was a huge revelation for me and, an even bigger one for my husband after relating what the doctor and I had discussed that night.

That’s how it all started, but we didn’t get off to a great start. After doing much research online, my husband was all in. He wanted an FLR and he wanted it right then. I, on the other hand still had my doubts and reservations. What if I hurt him? What if I took it to a place we couldn’t come back from? I didn’t want to hurt us more. It has taken time and it has taken his patients (although, he was not always very patient).

I am happy to report that near the begging of this year, he finally stopped pushing, and allowed me to develop our relationship in my own way. Things are going great and I think, we may be in the best place we have ever been emotionally.

We have set up a list of rules for him to follow, items are added frequently as they occur to me. They include: opening doors and being generally chivalrous, fetching things I want/need (anything from his butt plug to my drinks), keeping his manhood nicely shaven at all times, and so on. He is responsible for all the laundry, all the dishes and whatever other tasks I assign for the day. He has a maintenance spanking session every Wednesday and wears his chastity cage daily. He brings me to orgasm at least once a day (often it is much, much more than once), but he is not to come until his assigned “come day’ which is currently set for March 31st. The only exception to this rule is if I’m practicing ruining his orgasm, which I think I’m getting fairly skilled at. Another rule I’ve set in place which we have not had the chance to implement yet is that on his “come day” he is to clean up his mess…orally. I’m very excited to witness this…is it March 31st yet!?!? We’ve also been practicing pegging much more often. We ordered a strapless strap on not long ago. I must say, I mentally and visually enjoyed pegging him in the past, but the power trip I’m on while pegging him and getting myself off while doing it is truly incredible!

As I mentioned above, we are committing to posting more often, in much detail about our forthcoming FLR trials (and most likely some errors).