Well written post that shows why mutual love is the key to a successful FLR.

subject to her reign

My Queen and I are equals.  It’s part of the basis of O/our relationship. ‘But wait!’ I hear you cry, ‘Aren’t you part of a 24/7 total power exchange?  Aren’t you Her submissive?  Doesn’t she set your limits and tell you what you can and can’t do?  How can you possibly be equals?!’  No, I’m not hallucinating and I’m even reasonably sure that I’m not going to get disciplined for saying this.

In O/our dynamic O/our roles and positions of power are totally opposite.  My Queen has all the power to make decisions, control what I do, where I go, discipline me and so on.  There is no equality in O/our roles at all.  My Queen has all the power and authority and I have to do what She says.  But W/we are still equals.

W/we share the understanding and belief that each of U/us is of equal worth, that…

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