Sorry for not post updates sooner, but life has been crazy.  Between our 5 kids out of school for the summer, my job, and my wife’s business, we have not had much time to blog. 

So, it has been 1 year and a couple days since we started our FLR.  I have worn a chastity device the entire time.  We have had our ups and downs, we both continue to learn and grow into our roles.  I feel that our relationship has grown exponentially over the past year.  We know each other better than we ever did and now are our true selves.

Will let my loving wife speak for herself.  As far as me, I know without a doubt, a FLR is the key to my true happiness.  Society had me trying to be someone that I wasn’t.  Our FLR has let me be myself without guilt and pressure.  As I have mentioned in previous post, a look back at my actions prior to our FLR showed that I had always subconsciously sought such a relationship, but I was naive, blinded by what I felt society expected of me.  Up until a year ago when my wife and our marriage counselor suggested a FLR, the thought had never entered my mind, nor did I actually know such a thing existed outside of the bedroom.  But now, a year later, our FLR has saved our relationship and marriage.  I love my wife, I love our new life together.