Our FLR – Female Led Relationship


February 2017

Living in the Moment

Words of encouragement from a like minded man.

Training Narcissus

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you just let your mind flow freely and live in the moment. It sounds like such a simple thing, I know, but all too often we are guilty of not just enjoying what’s happening. What am I leading to with this?

Being the receiving partner during sex.

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My wife seeks a female FLR mentor / friend

My Wife / Domme has asked me to help her find a FLR mentor and/or friend. Someone that she can discuss the dynamics of a FLR with, ideally someone that my be in her same shoes, new and still growing.  But at the same time, she has interest in also talking to a experienced female in a FLR. Females only. Looking for email, text, phone call conversation. If you are interested, feel free to message me or comment, and I will get you in contact with her.  Thanks.


Was wondering if anyone in a FLR, or has been, tried adding ANR, Adult Nursing Relationship, to their FLR?  Even before our FLR, an ANR had been something we had discussed and both had interest in.  With the FLR aspect, it add a new exciting twist.  Open to thoughts and opinions.

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