Me, the husband, I am a 43 years old, 6″1″, slim, bald head that I keep completely shaved, and I have a goatee.
My wife is 31 years old, 5’2″, smoking hot body with curves in all the right places, olive-brown skin, dark brown eyes, and long black curly hair.
We met in 2011, we both were divorced at the time. We clicked and instantly fell in love. Our sex life was/is out of this world. We both were very open in the bedroom and have explored everything.
The ideal of a FLR “Female Led Relationship” was Her ideal, she caught me off guard with the ideal late one night in summer of 2015. At 1st, I was shocked and frankly surprised. But after thinking the concept through and a lengthy discussion, I came to believe that this type of relationship was what I had always wanted but had refused to acknowledge the notion due to the male dominate society I was raised in. So many of my actions over the years indicated my desire to be dominated by a female. Have had several female bosses in my career thus far and have been very successful under their leadership. My desire to please my significant other to no end. I am a leader in my career and being a follower at home is such a mental stress reliever. I thrive on completing a task and being acknowledged for doing a good job.